Henderson Happenings

In order to create buzz and bring people back to Henderson, Missy McReady instituted Henderson Happenings, a biweekly e-newsletter sent to everyone who attended the Opening Day Spectacular. After authoring the first few editions, she passed the baton to an unknown source. Snag your copy and see what gossip is floating around Henderson this week.

Henderson Happenings

Henderson Happenings :: May 26, 2017

Coming up this Memorial Day Weekend

You did not hear this from me …

Scarlett Langford has graduated from Ole Miss and if you give a Rebel Yell in the right direction, I dare say you’ll be able to sneak into the Friday night celebration at Henderson Country Club. (Wear red and royal to blend in.) This Hendersonian is hoping for a glimpse of Scarlett’s famous roommate Natalie Houser and Natalie’s more-than-famous rock-star, rock-out, strike-out boyfriend, major league pitcher Cal Johnson. (The O’s do not have a game scheduled. Coincidence? I think not!)

And on Saturday way out on Major Hunkadoodle-do’s farm, I understand there may be more then cow tipping going on. Henderson’s fashion designer extraordinaire, Lolly DuVal, snared her graduate degree this week and is being celebrated by this town’s future mayor and the entire swanky Evans clan her mamma married into. There is bound to be a police presence considering she’s Brooks Bennett’s girl, but let’s face it. If you can’t finagle your way into a party thrown on a wide open plantation, then you aren’t worth the dirt you were raised on. Am I right?

Don’t forget to post your pictures #HendersonHappenings

~Your Henderson Hostess~
Drive on in, y’all.

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